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Chiro-massage (not to be confused with Chiropractic treatments)


Chiro- massage is a term created by a Spanish doctor Vicente Lino Ferrándiz Garcia in 1920 in Barcelona. The original name in Spanish is quiro-masaje: From Latin prefix chiro-, from Ancient Greek χείρ (kheír, “hand”) where only hands are used in massage.


The Chiro - massage is a group of movements made with the hands in contact of the patient's body, these movements that are of several types include a range of: Kneading, percussions, frictions, veined castings, claps, pinches, pumping, vertebral shakes, touch, rotations, muscular stretching, and mobilizations.


The intensity with which these movements are applied are determined by the massage type that will be made. Soft movements are for relaxation or sensitive chiromassage and intense movements are for sportive chiro - massage, adapted for muscular contractures and small muscular problems.

Chiro - massage offers the ideal non-invasive treatment solution for a wide range of conditions; including:


• Scoliosis Shoulder problems                                   • Lower back pain

• Carpal tunnel syndrome                                          • Foot pain

• Frozen shoulder                                                        • Headaches

• Heel pain                                                                    • Leg pain

• Sciatica                                                                       • Bursitis

• Sports injuries                                                           • Neck pain      



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What is Chiro - massage?





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- Karina Spencer

Can chiro - massage help you?

A relaxing head massage

Chiro - massage has been the best option to maintain health and wellbeing and the benefits of this practice are evident in the patients that we have treated. This massage has been a good alternative to cure illnesses other than the approaches of conventional medicine. Chiro - massage have helped many people to get relief from neck pain, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder and elbow pain.


Why choose Chiro - massage?