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Nadia Quintero
"I have been doing Chiromassage therapy since 2002. As a therapist I am committed to providing the best services to ensure all my clients improve their health and lifestyle.

My passion for this started from an early age. When I was very young I received a Chiromassage therapy treatment from a famous therapist in my native Colombia. That experience changed my life forever.

From that day, I discovered there are alternative ways to cure illnesses other than the approaches of conventional medicine.
My personal experience inspired me to pursue a career in chiropractic. I started by taking a course in Chiromassage and osteopathic therapies with the same doctor in Bogotá, Colombia.

After ten years of experience I have treated patients in my private practice and I have helped many people to get relief from neck pain, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder and elbow pain.

Chiromassage is the best option to maintain health and wellbeing and the benefits of this practice are evident in the patients whom I have treated.
Since I moved to the UK in 2004, I have treated patients privately. However, I am currently broadening my services in order to help as many people as I can.

In addition to my experience and expertise as a Chiromassage Practitioner, I can offer therapeutic massages such as Swedish Holistic Massage and Chinese Moxa Technique.

I am committed to providing an excellent and professional service to all my patients".