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At Nadia4Lifeuk, we believe that keeping in top physical and mental shape shouldn't cost the earth. That's why we offer a wide range of professional complementary therapeutic solutions designed to keep you healthy at very competitive prices.






90  Minutes Full Body Holistic Massage:                                  £ 90.00

60  Minutes  Massage Therapy                                                  £ 60.00                                                                            

40  Minutes   Massage Therapy                                                 £ 45.00







90 Minutes Chiro Massage Therapy                                      £ 90.00  

60 Minutes Chiro Massage Therapy                                      £ 70.00

60 Minutes Chiro Massage Therapy                                      £ 60.00


“I get immediate relief as soon as I lay on the table - it’s wonderful"

- Susana Brett

Relaxation SwedishMassage Therapy              

To book your treatment; call us on:

Relaxing neck massage

Chiro - massage Therapy

Sport(DeepTissue) Massage Therapy

60 Minutes Massage Therapy                                                     £ 65.00

40 Minutes Massage Therapy                                                      £ 55.00



60 Minutes Reiki Therapy                                                             £ 60.00 

20 Minutes  Reflexology                                                               £ 25.00  

15 Minutes Chair Massage:                                                          £ 12.00

60 Minutes Pregnancy Therapy                                                   £ 65.00

30 Minutes Kiss Gym Promotions (Mondays)                           £ 25.00

In our venue will accept cash and credit or/ debit card.


Payment options

Free Consultation


Feel free to come in and have a free consultation with one of our therapist. All consultations are free of charge, meaning that your entire session is devoted to your massage.